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I first began my public DJing at Blytheville Air Force Base, Blytheville, Arkansas in 1979 at the Strato Club.  I was the Main DJ on base from 1979 to 1984 where I played music three nights a week (Wed, Fri & Sat).  During my time there I had the awesome opportunity to play music for two musical groups when they took their breaks,  They went on to become two successful & popular recording groups.  Who are these groups?  Roger Troutman & Zapp and Midnight Star.  Midnight Star is a group that was started by the Calloway brothers (Reginald & Vincent) and minus there presence the group is still performing around the world today - one of their earlier songs was titled "Searching For Love" and I believe they found it with fans all over the world.  
Prior to their much success Roger & Zapp were known as Roger and The Human Body.  They recorded under the name "Roger & ZAPP" which recorded the smash hit song "More Bounce To The Ounce" and it still get heavily played and sampled to this day.  Roger was quite the showman, he knew how to put on a live show wherever he performed.  
When I was assigned to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada in March 1984 I saw him at nearly every nightclub on & off the Vegas Strip still doing his thang on the Talkbox, Guitar, keyboard and Harmonica.
During my tour of duty in Las Vegas I got away from the club scene and began doing more gigs for special occasions - private house parties, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions, etc.  In 1990, I took an extended break from the business to focus on family, ministry and a military career. I didn't totally quit the music business just took a detour from the nightclub life and some house parties.  Playing music is just one of my passions and I enjoy the feeling of entertaining others.  Rochelle, my loving and caring wife is my number one customer and faithful supporter.  She share in the same passion of music and always gives me ideas on songs to play mixed with some creativity.  She is without a doubt, my main stage and right hand lady.  With over thirty(30) total years of DJing experience, I can honestly say that this business just get better with time.  

GOT MY EYES ON YOU ENTERTAINMENT is envisioned, owned and operated by Otis L. Williams (a.k.a. DJ Out There) and was launched  in 2007. We are here to provide you with the best professional and quality service that will leave you with lasting memories and loads of fun.  You are valuable to us so we will treat you with royalty.   As a new or an existing customer. . .we hope  you will come to our services again and again for your special events.
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